bodybuilding Women This year loshar to be held in ButterFly Beach. Promotional Purposes Only - 2! Deep sighn Show. Deep sighn Show.
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Interview With Rajesh Payal Rai
GHS-GCS Get-Together Party 2014
Panthar Forum Hong Kong 3rd Convention 2014
Interview With Bishwa Prakash Sharma

Date: 17 August 2014

Venue: Yau Ma Tai

Gurung Chalchitra Bhre Ko Nirdesak , Nayak Ra Nayika Sanga Antarvarta


Venue: H.K

2014 Hong Kong Bodybuilding

Date: 23 July 2014

Venue: H.K

Jhapa Pratham Sangitik Sanjh 2014

Date: 27 July 2014

Venue: H.K

TEEJ 2014 Celebration

Date: 25 Aug 2014

Venue: Jordan

Hong Kong Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Invitation Championship 2014

Date: 3 Aug 2014

Venue: H.K

Yattung Nepali Samaj Tung Chung Hong Kong 2014 Teej Party

Date: 23 Aug 2014

Venue: tung Chung

Fashion In The City

Date: 15 July 2014

Venue: Club 18

Interview With Suman Singh

Date: Aug 2014

Venue: Jordan

Interview With Kirat Yakthung Chumlung Nepal, Chairman Uttam Singh Thangden Limbu

Date : Aug 2014

Venue: Kowloon

Interview With Singer Suresh Kumar Chhetri

Date : Aug2014

Venue: Kowloon


Chinese Man Married A African Lady !! They got a baby boy… He died after 3 months. In The Funurel room She was crying N she was sayin "I knew I knew that…..!!!" A Relative of Her Asked her that what u know ?? She said that I know that china products cannot live more than 3 months !!!

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